The Power of Art

Made Wianta, 2008, 'Happineess sashes' oil on canvas, 300x450cm Made Wianta – “Happiness Sashes”

What is it about art that gives it a unique and enduring quality that at times we can undeniably feel?

Works of art from days long gone, such as the ancient Australian aboriginal rock paintings or the genius of the great Renaissance painters, to the recent modern and contemporary masterpieces, all have a capacity to enthrall researchers, critics and the masses alike.

Somehow works of art appear as fresh and vital now as in the era, or very day they were created. Throughout history few creative disciplines have captured the imagination and hearts of the people as has the fine arts.

Agung Mangu Putra, 2010, 'ibu Pertiwi', oil on canvas, 180x160cm copyAgung Mangu Putra – “Ibu Pertiwi” (Mother Earth)

Why is this so?

The best artists have a sensitivity that is in harmony with the creative order of the universe.  Theirs is a very personal and intimate world in which they have the courage to follow their inner voice that guides, and sets them free.  Artists are channels for unseen powers that manifest physical form.  It is this invisible energy that they transfer onto their canvas or into their mediums of choice.   This, along with the skills and concentration required to complete their work not only fascinates us yet has an enormous impact on our conscious and subconscious minds.

Why do we become so captivated by art?

When we engage in art our attention focuses inward and the outside world and its requirements temporarily fade away and have to wait.  While we are in the process of investigation the works’ energies reach out to us and capture our imagination with a unique life of its own.

'Silence' - Ari Bayuaji, 2014 - Image A. BayuajiAri Bayuaji – “Silence”

The creativity, concentration and human endeavor within the artwork – the life force – contains an essence that charges our body, mind and soul, and we become nourished and revitalized.  This life force is of the most potent essence of our universe – that of imagination and love. It communicates that there is much more to the world than the physical can provide.

Art is derived from a pure and magical inner space that puts into motion our energies and ideas.  This is an incredible authentic force that has the potential to create something new.  And in the act of creation, for example, applying paint onto canvas, the medium, as well as the facilitator, are changed forever.

Art is a metaphor for life. We live in a powerful world in which each and every moment offers as an opportunity to be creative. Creativity represents the very nature of life itself, while art making responds to a part of the infinite self that we have yet to explore.  Rejoicing in the resilience of the human spirit, art is a celebration of life.

'Introspeksi Diri', Wayan Arnata, Mixed Media, Variable Dimensions, 2015. Image courtesy Arnata.Wayan Arnata – “Introspeksi Diri” (Self Introspection)

In this modern era when we are a witness to the escalating global environmental vandalism, corruption, greed, human neglect and war, art becomes increasingly essential.   It empowers us to see beyond that which may erode our positive growth and creative core.  Art contains an eternal beauty that heals and inspires, and shines a light on what is truly of importance to us.

Filippo Sciascia 'Crown Size" 145 x 130 cm Oil And Gesso On Canvas 2014. Image courtsey of the artist.Filippo Sciascia  –  “Crown Size”

Words: Richard Horstman

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