‘Art as Perspective’ – a group exhibition

"Istana Kura Kura" Atmi Kristiadewi 2015

“Istana Kura-Kura” –  Atmi Kristiadewi

“Art As Perspective” showcases more than 30 artists, both Indonesian and foreign, in an exhibition at CLC Education in Kerobokan, Bali. Open from 5 December the exhibition features paintings of various genres, sculptures and photography displayed within two levels of the CLC Education facility.

““Art As Perspective” seeks to affirm art as a path to deeper understanding,” says CLC Education founder David Bertrand. “These paths help us to explore and move closer to the questions that have been posed with each passing generation: Who are we? What is this place? Where does it come from? What is our purpose as an individual and as a species?”

“Art is a critical part of human exploration as each individual has a perspective and is a facet, a reflection, a filter through which the whole of creation is interpreted. Through the artists exploration of their own perspective we gain greater understanding of our own and the world around us.”

"Ironi Ditanah Emas" Gusti Nengah Sura Ardana 2014

“Ironi Ditanah Emas”  –  Gusti Nengah Sura Ardana

With the goal to create greater opportunities for the community to engage in art through activities within their CLC learning program, and CLC exhibition program, “Art as Perspective” is their second exhibition during 2015.  Bertrand has worked together with well known former gallery manager, art dealer and director of Zen Agung art consulting and framing and Zen Express art courier and cargo Nico F. Kuswanto to bring together the community in celebration of art. The CLC Education facility is a fine venue for community gatherings and the opening was well attended by the local art community and friends while being officially opened by a representative of the Governor of Bali Bapak Mangu Pastika.

One of Bali’s finest hyper realism painters Gusti Nengah Sura Ardana presents “Ironi Ditanah Emas” 2014, a large 3 panel work revealing environmental tragedy and loss of indigenous culture due gold mining in West Papua. Wayan Suja is also a talented technical painter, “Me and Snobbery Times” contrasts Balinese tradition against modernity, and is both a conceptually and aesthetically  strong composition.

"Me & Snobbery Times" Wayan Suja 2015

“Me & Snobbery Times”  –  Wayan Suja

“Life Begin” 2015 and “Ibu”2015, two sculptures by Bambang Adi Pramono are a testament to the artist’s ability to work successfully with different media. Both works are themed upon the early stages of human development, “Life Begin” is hand carved from wood, while “Ibu” requires mechanical grinders to work the hard Onyx stone.

Local photographers Nengah Januartha, Pandu Adnyana and Tjandra Hutama make strong contributions to the exhibition. Januartha’s 100  x 100cm black and white beach scene of a child and cows, “Rare Angon” captures a magical moment that may seem insignificant, yet is steeped in beauty. Adnyana’s spacious landscape image “Jatiluwih Curves” is defined by the sweeping curves of the Jatiluwih rice fields and the distance golden sunrise gracing the horizon. Hutama’s study of giant traditional Balinese kites taking to the air in “Janggan Buntut” is shot from ground level looking upwards to the sun and emphasizes the initial moment of flight, while being framed within a beautiful blue sky.

"Stone Gate' Nyoman Sujana Kenyem 2015

“Stone Gate” 2015  –  Nyoman Kenyem Sujana

Atmi Kristiadewi is a 25 years old artist who has recently become a young mother. A talented painter who is equally adept in making sculptures that express her individual character, her skill in constructing strong compositions along with equally imaginative themes is rapidly improving. Atmi presents two paintings in her well known naïve style, “Taman Gurita” and “Istana Kura-Kura” which are both large and vibrantly colored compositions. “Istana Kura-Kura” draws its influence from the Balinese Hindu belief in which a sacred turtle carries the universe upon its shell, and is a beautifully balanced painting. Atmi’s husband Putu Edy Asmara (b. 1982 Tampaksiring, Bali) is a prolific artist who also creates sculpture and installations. ‘Rumahku” 2015 is his idealistic  composition of balance peace harmony that is atmospheric, warm and inviting.

Nyoman “Kenyem” Sujana from Sayan, Ubud presents 2 paintings “Go To Buleleng” and “Stone Gate” in his signature patterned style. In the focal point of “Stone Gate” he depicts a stairway and an entry into small building that invites the viewer to venture inside. A powerful sense of mystery is created when we engage within the portal. A spark of red ignites our senses along with abstract elements and Kenyem offers our imagination the perfect opportunity to come into play.

"Great Landscape" Shan 2012

“Great Landscape”  –  Shan

Noella Roos is a Dutch painter living in Sanur who is passionate about the human form and is known for her excellent nude studies in charcoal. Roos presents four works, oil on canvas in her characteristic style that emphasizes her classical training and the human body in motion.  French artist Shan who spends six months a year living and painting on the east coast of Bali contributes a strong abstract painting “Great Landscape”.

Balinese artist Ida Bagus Purwa is renowned for his mixed media studies of the human body. His spontaneous works capture the dynamic power and energy of the male figure in action with an unique sensitivity. Color is rarely his language of expression, yet his dark washed tones set against white backgrounds, are his trademark style. Purwa’s works are to carefully ingest: in their silence they communicate volumes.

Themed upon social politics, Kun Adynana’s “Indonesian Art Class” is a colouful and light hearted composition featuring the nations forefathers Sukarno, Hatta and others, along with Indonesian president Jokowi, collectively at work. They are tending to a sculpture of the Indonesian national symbol, the mystical Garuda baring the Pancasila emblem upon its chest. Le Kung contributes a spontaneous black acrylic paint on canvas study “Candi Legenda”, capturing the architectural wonders of the Prambanan temple in Central Java.


“Indonesian Art Class”  –  Wayan Kun Adnyana

Other interesting works are by Ismanto Wahyudi, “The Last Free” & “Guardian” who expresses himself in the distinctive Yogyakarta style. Characterized by cartoon like figures, his scenarios speak of environmental and urban issues. Works by Putu Bonuz, Ida Bagus Indra, Polenk Rediasa,  Nyoman Suarnata, Tri Wahyudi, Teja Astawa, Ketut Suwidiarta and Uuk Paramahita are also highlights. “Art As Perspective” continues through 3 January 2016.

CLC Education

Jalan Gunung Salak Utara 79,

Kerobokan, Bali




“Jatiluwih Curves”  –   Pandu Adynana

"Untitled" Putu Bonuz 2015

“Untitled” 2015  –  Putu Bonuz

"The Guardian" Ismanto 2010

“The Guardian”   –  Ismanto Wahyudi


“Rumahku” 2015  –  Putu Edy Asmara


“Noni Nyai” 2010  –  Tri Wahyudi

Words & Images: Richard Horstman

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