Previewing Larasati’s February 2020 ‘Traditional, Modern & Contemporary Art’ Auction in Ubud, Bali

‘Bali, Desa Sorga’ 1969 – Ida Bagus Made Nadera

Larasati Auctioneers of Jakarta in 2020 conduct their fourteenth consecutive year of presenting high-quality Balinese art for sale to the international market through its Ubud auctions. The upcoming 8 February sale ‘Traditional, Modern and Contemporary Art’ at the Larasati Art Space at Tebesaya Gallery features eighty-one lots in an array of painting styles. Good buys are available for collectors with small to large budgets, the sale will attract the attention of connoisseurs of Balinese painting, along with intermediate and beginner collectors. For those able to make purchases near or below the estimated prices, excellent value buying opportunities are available.

Genres for sale are the miniature Keliki style, Indo-European paintings, Batuan and Ubud schools, paintings inspired by the influential foreigners on Bali Rudolf Bonnet (1895-1978) and Walter Spies (1895-1942), modern and contemporary paintings and works by noted 20th – century pioneers of Balinese painting.  Sought names include Willem Gerard Hofker, Rudolf Bonnet, Rusli, Arie Smit, Antonio Blanco, Ida Bagus Made Poleng, Ida Bagus Made Togog, Ida Bagus Made Nadera, Dewa Putu Mokoh, Nyoman Gunarsa, Wayan Djudjul, Nyoman Kayun, Dede Edi Supria and Agung Mangu Putra. Open to the public, viewing begins Thursday 6th February from 11 am.

‘Cili – cili’ 1977 – Nyoman Meja

Wayan Diana (b. 1977 Batuan) comes from a distinct lineage of the renowned Batuan School of Painting, his father Wayan Tewang (1922 – 2004) was a student of the innovator/entrepreneur Nyoman Ngendon (1906 – 1946). Lot 749 Cerita Trantri, 2016 is an unusual, yet a beautiful, visually rhythmic picture of an old folk tale depicting a cow herder and his cattle and comes with an estimated price of between IDR 7 – 9 million. The Last Supper, 2019 by Diana’s older brother Ketut Sadia (b.1966 Batuan), Lot 748, is an exciting adaptation of the Christian religious narrative featuring Balinese Hindu characters and has an estimated price of between IDR 7 – 9 million.

Three paintings available, Lots 777, 778 & 779 are by the most highly prized artist of the historic Ubud School of Painting, Ida Bagus Made Poleng (1915 – 1999 Tebesaya). Lot 779 is one of two paintings of particular interest to the connoisseurs of Balinese painting. Harvesting by Ida Bagus Made Poleng (1915 – 1999 Tebesaya, Ubud) is a 77 by 62 cm acrylic on canvas picture of a rice harvest that has an estimated price of between IDR 600 – 800 million. Lot 774 Mengarak Bade bythe highly respected painter from the Brahmin family of Batuan, Ida Bagus Made Togog (1913 – 1989) is a glorious, pulsating 81 by 130 cm acrylic on canvas depiction of a royal funeral parade that comes with an estimated value of between IDR 250 – 350 million.

‘Wajah-wajah’ 2001 Agung Mangu Putra

For buyers with a mid-range budget of between IDR 10 – 100 million wishing to build upon the collection, the following works may be of interest. Lot 732 Memetik Bunga by renowned woman painter Ni Gusti Agung Galuh (b.1968 Denpasar) is beautiful late afternoon 80 by 60 cm acrylic on canvas landscape depiction featuring a lady picking flowers that has an estimated value of between IDR 40 – 50 million. The flamboyant Spanish-Filipino maestro Antonio Blanco (1911-1999) moved to Bali and married the Balinese dancer Ni Ronji in 1953 and became a popular figure in Ubud when it was still a sleepy artists village. Lot 717 Fantasy with gong: Ode to Michael Jackson by Blanco comes with provenance from a private collector in the UK and is a 99 by 58 cm (including frame) mixed media on paper work, attached with artist’s label of authenticity and description about the painting on the back that has an estimated price of between IDR 75 – 95 million.

‘Harvesting’ – Ida Bagus Made Poleng

Other good values buys available, especially if purchased within the estimates are, the beautiful Lot 707 Pementasan Calonarang by Ida Bagus Made Togog depicting the iconic Barong  Rangda confrontation in the Calonarang performance which has an estimated price of between IDR 18 – 25 million. Nyoman Meja (b. 1950 Taman, Ubud) is a highly respected practitioner of the Ubud School of Painting. Lot 709 Cili-cili 1977, is an exceptionally detailed 98 by 40 cm acrylic on canvas picture of the ceremonial goddess constructed from old Chinese coins, kepeng that comes with an estimated value of IDR 20 – 30 million.

Explicit depictions of sexual encounters are never deemed offensive or to be pornographic by the Balinese. On the other hand, they help explain about the nature of life and male and female interaction, Lot 770, Kamasutra 1989 by Wayan Rajin (1945 – 2001 Batuan) is explicit yet humorous 38 by 38 cm ink on paper drawing with an estimated value of between IDR 17 – 25 million. The distinct paintings of iconic Balinese female artist I GAK Murniasih (1966 – 2006) continually again national and international popularity, tow of these are available, Musim Semi 2003, and Kasih Sayang 2003, both have estimated values of between IDR 80 – 110 million.

‘Musim Semi’ – I Gusti Ayu Kadek Murniasih (Murni)

Potential buyers bidding over the phone, absentee bidders or real-time Internet bidders who are unable to attend the previews days or auction are advised to contact Larasati and enquire about the colour reproduction accuracy of the images contained within the online catalogue to ensure that what they wish to purchase can be realistically appraised.  The absence of reference to the condition of a lot in the catalogue description does not imply that the lot is free from faults or imperfections, therefore condition reports of the works, outlining the paintings current state and whether it has repairs or over painting, are available upon request.

Provenance, the historical data of the works previous owner/s is also important and is provided. An information guide including before the auction, during the auction and after the auction details, including conditions of business, the bidding process, payment, storage and insurance, and shipping of the work is also available. A buyer’s premium is payable by the buyer of each lot at rate of 22% of the hammer price of the lot.

Open to the public at the Larasati Art Space, Tebesaya Gallery the auction starts at 2:30 pm Saturday 8 February. The online catalogue, complete with a guide for prospective buyers is available at:

‘Kamasutra’ 1989 – Wayan Rajin

6 February 11 am – 7.30 pm
7 February 11 am – 7.30 pm
8 February 11 am – 2 pm


8 February 2:30 pm

Larasati Bali Art Space
at Tebesaya Gallery
Jl. Jatayu, Banjar Tebesaya
Peliatan, Ubud, Gianyar
Bali 80571, Indonesia

Words: Richard Horstman

Images: Courtesy of Larasati

‘Fantasy with gong/ Ode to Michael Jackson’ – Antonio Blanco

‘The Last Supper’ 2019 – Ketut Sadia

‘Scene from Ramayana’ – Dewa Nyoman Leper

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