Militant For Happiness – group art exhibition

Edy Asmara "Melody of the Earth" 2016, 150x200cm Acrylic               Edy Asmara – “Melody of the Earth” 2016, 150 x 200 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

On 21 June 2015 the new Bali collective Militant Art announced its arrival on the scene with a memorable evening at Bentara Budaya Cultural Center in Ketewel. The event was one of the highlights of the year.

The opening performance and presentation involved the skilled work of various technical production teams, along with live music and a captivating installation to produce a visually rich and engaging spectacle. The large audience of art lovers were treated to a professional, tightly synchronized event and the buzz of excitement within the crowd was palpable. We were witness to something a little out of the ordinary.

Putu Bonuz " Tarian Langit" 100x200cm Acylic               Putu ‘Bonuz’ Sudiana – “Tarian Langit” 100 x 200cm, Acrylic on Canvas

The exhibition “Ulu Teben” #1 Militant Art featured 30 paintings, all of uniform size 250 x 130 cm, some of the strongest work displayed by a group in recent memory. The event sent a positive message to the art community of the collective capabilities of Bali artists.

Celebrating one year as a collective Militant Art’s follow up exhibition “Militant For Happiness” #2 opened 21 June at the CLC Education Center in Kerobokan. Curated by Eddie Soetriyono and Arif Bagus Prasetyo, and organized by Nico FK of Zen Nagrisco Utama of Tuban, Denpasar, specialist services in Bali for art cargo and framing.

Gede Jaya Putra 'Rival" 173x155cm Oil                                         Gede Jaya Putra – “Rival” 2014, Oil on Canvas

Artists A.A Gde Agung Jaya Wikrama, Adi Candra, Antok, Atmi Kristiadewi, Dangap Agus Murdika, Kadek Eko, Edy Asmara, Galung Wiratmaja, Gede Jaya Putra, Gusti Buda, Ketut ‘Kabul’ Suasana, Made Supena, Ida Bagus Purwa, Nyoman Diwarupa, Kadek Dwi Adnyana, Ketut ‘Le Kung’ Sugantika, Listya Wahyuni, Made Gunawan, Made Wiradana, Naya S, Ngurah Paramarta, Nyoman ‘Sujana’ Kenyem. Pande Paramartha, Pande Suta Wijaya, Putra Dela, Putu ‘Bonuz’ Sudiana, Somya Prabawa, Teja Astawa, Uuk Paramahita, Wayan Suastama and Wayan Paramarta presented their works over the two floors of CLC to an enthusiastic audience on the opening evening.

Ketut 'Le Kung' Sugantika "Balance #1" 140x220cm Acrylic             Ketut ‘Le Kung’ Sugantika – “Balance” 2016, 140x220cm  Acrylic on Canvas

“Breath of Nature” 2016 by Dangap Agus Murdika (b. 1989, Gianyar) reveals he is abstract style is in the process of development. He introduces textured surfaces along with depth of field to his characteristic style to create a work that is visually engaging. Putu ‘Bonuz’ Sudiana’s “Tarian Langit” captures the artist at his dynamic best, while “Bosan” (Bored), by Putra Dela blends elements of realism and abstract, and the color blue to emphasize emotional potency. This is a captivating and  intriguing work.

Gede Jaya Putra (b.1988 Seminyak) is a young multi disciplined artist who over recent years shows great promised. His solo exhibition in 2014 at Art Verandah in Renon as a part of his final studies examination at the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Denpasar proved to be a revelation to many in the Bali art community displaying his high level conceptual and technical abilities. His composition “Rival” features two racing motorcyclist painted onto canvas and fastened to board and the cut out shapes attached directly to a white-painted frame.

Ketut 'Kabul' Suasana "KulKul" 150x170cm Acrylic                    Ketut ‘Kabul’ Suasana – “KulKul” 2016, 150x170cm, Arcylic on Canvas

Edy Asmara  continues to grow as an artist and his “Melody of The Earth” 2016 is strong in concept and execution, while being atmospherically warm and inviting. Edy is an artist with a promising future and his painting is a highlight of the exhibition. Likewise Edy’s wife, Atmi Kristiadewi (b.1990 Denpasar) presents an engaging work in her characteristic colourful and vibrant style, “Persiapan Menyabut Hari Raya” and is consistently exhibiting works of good quality and has a promising future as well.

“Our art will always be creative, never-ceasing to contribute and enrich the Bali art scene. “Militants For Happiness” is an expression of our pride as an art collective,” said Putu ‘Bonuz’ Sudiana, Chairman of the Militant Art Collective. “We are always optimistic, despite the many environmental, social and political struggles humanity must globally endure. We wish to make a statement and emphasize that being happy is an essential, and powerful way of life.”

Anthok S "imajnation" 2016 150x120cm, Oil                               Anthok S – “Imajination” 2016, 120x150cm Oil on Canvas

“Peacefulness” 2016, by Kadek Eko (b.1989 Denpasar)  is refreshing in composition structure, atmosphere and emotional content. One of the only alternatives works on display, outside of the 2 dimensional format  is “Lost Paradise”, by Made Dwi Adnyana (b.1985 Kintamani). An environmental statement that includes small curved branches that frame small snap shots of Adnyana’s colorful landscapes.

Painters Teja Astawa, A.A Gede Agung Jaya Wikrama  and Ngurah Paramarta take their influences from Balinese traditional painting. Paramarta (b.1974 Denpasar) draws from imagery from Batuan paintings circa 1930’s in “Penghuni Pohon” in his light-hearted take on the Balinese world of sekala/niskala (the unseen and the visible) along with animistic beliefs in his stylized composition with the spirit of a tree communicating with a startled woman sitting nearby.

While this years exhibition is not as strong as 2015, it nonetheless sends a powerful message vis its title “Militant for Happiness” that happiness is a wonderful and empowering prerequisite for life especially in this era of the politics of fear .


Made Dwi Adnyana – “Lost Paradise” 2016, Mixed Media

CLC Education Center in Kerobokan, a community education facility, which includes programs art and culture within its curriculum and social activities began its support of the Bali art community in January 2015. The group exhibition “Art as Perspective” curated by Eddy Soetriyono and Arif Bagus Praestyo presented the work of 30 local artists. The urban Kerobokan area has a large residential population yet few cultural venues and the presence of CLC Education Center is very welcomed in the development of the art infrastructure in Bali.

Recent art activities at CLC Education include a series of art lectures “Life As Art Indonesia” on the first Thursday of the month over four months beginning at 6pm.

20160622_105917Atmi Kristiadewi – “Persiapan Menyambut Hari Raya” 2016, 100x135cm Acrylic on Canvas

Galung Wiratmaja "Greaen Soul" 145x130cm Acrylic              Galung Wiratmaja – “Greaen Soul” 2016, 145 x 135cm, Acrylic on Canvas

Kadek Eko "Peacefulness" 130x150cm Acrylic 2016                   Kadek Eko – “Peacefulness” 2016, 130 x 150cm, Acrylic on Canvas


“Militant For Happiness” continues until 21 July 2016

Open Daily 10am – 7pm

Tele: +62 82147488835

CLC Education

Jalan Gunung Salak Utara #79

Kerobokan, Denpasar

Words & Images: Richard Horstman

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