ArtJog9 – Universal Influence

ArtJog9 CEO & founder Heri Pemad - image courtesy of ArtJog9      ArtJog Founder & CEO Heri Pemad in front of commissioned installation by Venzha.

Expect surprises at ArtJog9, Indonesia’s leading, ever evolving international art event opening 27 May at the Jogja National Museum in Yogyakarta. Blurring the line between being an art fair and exhibition gives ArtJog its distinctive flavor, highlighting artists instead of galleries, making it fundamentally different from other art fairs around the world.

“Many outstanding Indonesian artists who exhibit in international galleries and events in are well known for their characteristic works,” said ArtJog9 CEO & founder Heri Pemad. “But take a look at their works at ArtJog9! This year I have challenged them to make their work more fun and fresh, while the new venue offers wonderful opportunities for inspiring presentation.”  A different location earmarks the ninth year of ArtJog while the Jogja National Museum has been partially renovated for the event. The installation of a 36 meter tower capped with a UFO will emphasize this year’s theme of “Universal Influence”.

Commissioned art work by Venzha, "ISSS" (Indonesian Space Science Society) Image courtesy of ArtJog                                           Detail of commissioned work by Venzha

“Based on numerology, nine is the highest number, symbolizing the summit. It’s been a long and tough journey yet I believe ArtJog9 is a great achievement for Yogyakarta and the global art community to observe the strength of Indonesian art,” Pemad said. “The development of the fresh local art discourse is also a great achievement for our artists.”

From humble beginnings over the past 2 decades Pemad has developed close relationships amongst the local art community. With a gift for communication that has been the foundation of successful associations, and a vision for the artist’s needs, in 2004 he launched Heri Pemad Art Management (HPAM), an institution that grew out of his personalized art services.

Galam Zulkifli, "The Beauty of Relatifity II" Image courtesy of ArtJog9, Acrylic on Canvas, 200cm x 600cm 3 panel @200 cm x 200 cm, 2015                                          Galam Zulkifli, “The Beauty of Relatifity II”

While HPAM can take credit for playing constructive roles with many of the leading names to come out of the region who have gone on to greater success, ArtJog as the flagship event has mirrored ­and fostered the parallel development of the local art scene, securely positioning Yogyakarta and ArtJog on both the international art map, and calendar. In 2014 ArtJog welcomed more than 100,000 visitors in three weeks — breaking all attendance records, a feat which no other Indonesian cultural event has achieved.

“ArtJog9 is entrusted to finding and promoting young talent while being an intermediary to link undiscovered artists with the local and international scene,” Pemad said. “This creates opportunities for Indonesian and international galleries needing to introduce fresh names into the market. ArtJog permits them to find new talent easily.”

DSCF5351                                                          Eko Nugroho – “Street Talk”

Showcasing invited Indonesian artists and international artists from Japan, Australia and Liechtenstein exhibition 2 & 3 dimensional works, installations, videos, site specific objects and performances totaling 94 works ArtJog 9 is curated by Bambang “Toko” Witjaksono, and Ignatia Nilu. “Look out for the works from local artists Aditya Novali, Eko Nugroho, Made Widyadiputra, Indiguerillas, Maryanto, Samsul Arifin and Wedar Riyadi. And works by senior artists FX Harsono, Naisrun and Garin Nugroho,” Pemad said.

“ArtJog9 highlights the program of activities during Jogja Art Weeks that invites the entire art community in Yogyakarta to create exhibitions and events during June to celebrate and welcome guests to the region,” Pemad said. “I wish to convey to the leaders of our country that we have enormous art and cultural wealth in Indonesia, abound with potential and opportunities to be realized in the creative economies and tourism sector.”

DSCF5408Arya Pandjalu – ” Maybe its Not Always About Trying to Fix Something Broken, Maybe its About Starting Over and Creating Something New”

For ArtJog9 VIP’s:

“We will hold a special preview for VIP guests on the opening day, 5 hours before the exhibition officially opens,” Pemad said. “Allowing time and space for them to wander through the venue and enjoy, while selecting works.”

Pemad’s Tips For Collectors:

“Meeting and getting to know the artists, and the ideas explaining their works is an essential way to educate buyers about artworks they are interested in. The “Meet the Artists Program” led by the ArtJog9 program manager and the curators team, along with the “Curators Tour” hosted by the curators “Toko” Witjaksono and Ignatia Nilu are excellent opportunities for collectors, art lovers and curious members of the public to gain insights into the unique nature of Indonesian contemporary art.” “Meet the Artists”: 3 June 2PM, 11 June 2PM, 18 June 2PM & 24 June 2PM. “Curators Tour”: 4 June 2 PM, 10 June 2 PM, 17 June 2PM & 25 June 2PM.


Made Valasara – “Konstruksi Semesta, Semesta Yang Teralienasi Mempertanyakan Kediriannya Dalam Ekspresi Tunggal”

Pemad’s Tips for First Time Buyers at ArtJog 9:

“Trust your instincts. Ask yourself, how does the work make you feel? Is it right fro me, and my requirements?”

“Carefully consider the installation of the artwork within the environment in mind. The décor, degree of natural lighting along with the requirements for artificial lighting are also important. How well does it fit into your lifestyle?”

“Know your budget. If you find something you like seek more information and ask questions. Keep your options open and don’t make hasty decisions.”

“Is the artwork for personal tastes or investment? Buying for investment requires sound knowledge of the market.”

DSCF5458                                                               Pintor Sirait – “Brise”

ArtJog9 “Universal Influence”

27 May – 27 June

Jogja National Museum

Jalan Prof. Ki Amri Yahya No. 1,

Gampingan, Wirobrajan, Yogyakarta

Tel: +62 274 586105

DSCF5440                                                     Mohamad Yusuf – “Golden Ticket”

DSCF5438                    Agapetus A. Kristiandana – “MNP Peace” & “Axonometric Space”

DSCF5418                                            Hanafi – “Wedes Gembel” 290 x 340 cm

DSCF5401                         Dhanang Pambayun – “The Darkness Led Me To The Light”

Words: Richard Horstman

Images courtesy of ArtJog & Richard Horstman

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