Artotel Sanur: a new art boutique hotel in Bali

Sculpture by Pintor Sirat. in front lobby of Artotel.                            “The Orca’s Dance” – Pintor Sirait – Artotel Sanur

Artotel, the Indonesian chain of art themed hotels that have become fresh inclusions upon the skyscapes of Jakarta and Surabaya have newly opened for business in Sanur, Bali.

Opened in April 2016, and located near the intersection of Jalan Danua Tamblingan and Jalan Kusuma Sari in the popular coastal tourist precinct of Sanur, Artotel has taken a locally inspired icon, the kite to feature as the interior design, and hotel room decoration theme. The kite, or in Bahasa Indonesia, layang layang is a local cultural icon and from the months of May through to October the southern skies of Bali are home to multitudes of kites set aloft by the powerful, seasonal south easterly winds blowing from the ocean. This sight is one of the distinctive features of Bali during this time of the year.

According to the Balinese Hindu mythology the boy cow herder Rare Anggon, an incarnation of Lord Siwa invented the game of kite flying and to the Balinese Sang Hyang Rare Anggon is known as the God of the Wind. One of the most grandiose annual celebrations on the island, the Bali Kite Festival, is celebrated with great enthusiasm during the month of July in Padang Galak, near Sanur. A religious event, the festival symbolizes expressions of gratitude from the Balinese people to the Gods for the abundant agricultural harvests.

Ceiling decorative panels painted by Kemal Ezedine - Neo Pitamaha                           Art Designs by Kemal Ezedine – Dining Area of Artotel

Artotel features art on display in the reception, lobby, dinning and art space areas, and upon the bedroom feature wall within the hotel rooms. Two large steel sculptures by renowned Indonesian artist Pintor Sirait grace the Artotel entrance and within the atrium above the art space. Distinguished by colorful flowing forms, both organic and imaginative, these works are a highlight, creating dramatic contrasts with the interior design elements of Artotel.

“Pintor’s artworks took quite sometimes to evolve,” Artotel’s Art Manager Safrie Effendi said. “Taking about a year and half to develop the concept and complete the two masterpieces. The installation, however didn’t take long, only half a day per sculpture.” Sirait’s “The Orca Dance” combines brilliant red, minimal flowing forms of whales weaved together within a courtship dance and is positioned within a water feature. Blue and green curved forms reflecting the dynamic motion of oceans wind chopped surface define Sirait’s “White Caps” that is perfectly suspended upon wires meters above the Art Space becoming another distinctive feature of Artotel.

interior design features      Afternoon Filtered Light Highlights the Interior Design Elements of Artotel.

Outstanding features of Artotel are the guest rooms that balance interior design elements with the feature bedroom wall that has been decorated by an imerging local artist. Each of the four levels of the hotel’s accommodation have received the personalized touch on feature wall inspired by the kite theme by the four participating artists, Made Valasara, Kemal Ezedine, Natisa Jones and Ines Katamso. Valasara’s intrepretations include his signature embossed technique creating white fluffy clouds that are suspended upon the wall to which he has depicted random greys clouds and red angular forms representing kites and black lines as the chords. Kemal Ezedine renders his colourful graphic art upon the feature wall inspired by his innovations from the Balinese modern traditional art that became famous in the 1930’s. While Natisa Jones and Ines Katamso translate their playful, feminine inspired artistic creations to the feature walls bringing vibrant energy to the rooms.

The dinning area of Artotel features large timber panels suspended from the ceiling and seemingly floating above the tables akin to large kites. The panel feature the graphic art designs by Kemal Ezedine, colorful and dynamic, taking on abstract and realistic forms in his trademark technique that he has developed in recent years from his in depth investigation into Balinese art. This enormous project took the artist many evening of dedication to complete and is both a credit to his artistic drive and commitment and Artotel’s vision to create a unique art landmark in Bali – a vibrant destination for both visitors and hotel guest.

"Recycled Robot" Hendra BaliArtGasm“Recycled Robot” Harun Djarun – From the Exhibition “As Above – Never Below”

Multitudes of square wooden, moveable panels line the interior walls of the feature, internal stair well of Artotel, also reflecting the kite theme. The raw timber add a strong organic element while the shear number of diamond shaped panels has an enormous aesthetic impact. Morning and afternoon light the shines into the stair well through giant skylights above creating wonderful and delicate shafts of light that are a photographers dream. Artotel is a multi level and multi dimensional artistic experience that inspires the creative mind and is a joy to explore.

Artotel’s premiere exhibition “As Above, Never Below” opened 13 May inviting hotel guests and the local art community to celebrate Artotel’s introduction into the art landscape of Bali. The exhibition features 2 & 3 dimensional mixed media works by local young artists Yosef Olla, SLINAT, Sangut, Gennetik, Dios Beding, Novaloid, Alit Satura, Aswino Aji, Hendra BaliArtgasm, & WAR, and continues through until 13 June.

Artotel exhibition space oncluding sculpture in atrium by Pintor Sirat                “White Caps” by Pintor Sirait Suspended Above Artotel Art Space

“Every Artotel in each city is a platform for the local artist to showcase their artworks through-out exhibitions. I personally love to give opportunities for any artist to showcase their works,” Effendi said. “Artotel’s annual art program will feature regular curated exhibitions in our multilevel gallery space featuring emerging local artists. We wish to consolidate Artotel Sanur on the Bali art calendar so the art community is aware of our activities while positioning ourselves on the Bali art map so Indonesians and international visitors to Sanur can enjoy Artotel.”

“Cerita” Artotel Sanur’s in house guest magazine positioned throughout the hotel and in each guest rooms will profile the artists who have contributed their talent to the decoration of the hotel along with high lighting local art and cultural attractions of the area.

At Work Made Valasara     Balinese Artist Valasara at Work on a Feature Wall Creation within a Artotel Room.

“As Above, Never Below” 13 May through 13 June 2016

Artspace of Artotel Sanur – Bali

Jalan Kusuma Sari 1 Sanur

Ph: +623614721000

Painting by Made Aji Aswino                                                   Painting by Made Aji Aswino

DSCF5011                                 Artotel Guest Room Feature Wall Artwork by Valasara

Words & Images: Richard Horstman

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