Balinese art eccentric – Ida Bagus Alit

                             The effervescent Ida Bagus Alit The art world adores eccentric characters. Lurking beneath the exterior of Balinese artist Ida Bagus Alits’ wacky persona is, however, a highly practical, compassionate and intelligent man. These traits meld into an effervescent personality that enchants everyone he meets. Within the Balinese art world Gus Alit, as he is … Continue reading Balinese art eccentric – Ida Bagus Alit

‘ArtDenpasar’ – Denpasar Art Space

                          “Gunung dan Hidupan” 2010 – Made Budhiana The opening of the Denpasar Art Space (DAS), its potential to stimulate the development of Bali’s art scene, is good reason for optimism within the local art community. Highlighted by the inaugural exhibition “ArtDenpasar” open 20 August, this is a positive signal from the Denpasar City Government … Continue reading ‘ArtDenpasar’ – Denpasar Art Space