The Bali Art Scene 2016 – An Overview

“Torment”  2015 – Citra Sasmita one of the strongest works from the ‘Bali Art Intervention #1’ “Violent Bali” This overview looks back over the past six months (and more) at exhibitions and happenings of note in the Bali art scene which in the past year has witnessed some critical infrastructure developments. Closing out 2015 ‘Bali Art … Continue reading The Bali Art Scene 2016 – An Overview

WOI – Wall of Indonesia

                                                        WOI Display at Bloo Art Space Bloo Art Space, located at the Bloo Lagoon Bali Villas and Resort for Sustainable Tourism in Padang Bai, Karangasem, has become THE center for art in East Bali. Based on an eco artists village concept, the resort is the brainchild of architect owners Tony G. William and his … Continue reading WOI – Wall of Indonesia